Bail Bonds in Alpharetta Allow Criminal Defendants to Be Released Before Trial

Sometimes a criminal defendant is released on his or her own recognizance before trial. No bail is required, but the individual must sign a statement agreeing to appear for all scheduled court dates. Usually, however, defendants are required to pay cash bail or collateral substituting for cash. A surety bond from an agency also can be provided. For Bail Bonds Alpharetta residents must pay a service fee and meet all qualifications, after which the defendant can be released.

How Bail Amounts Are Set

In many cases, bail is set automatically by a schedule that includes the more common crimes. Otherwise, the defendant will be brought to a bail hearing as early as possible. At this time, a judge decides on bail after considering factors such as the severity of the crime, any prior offenses and attachment to the community.

The Need for Swift Release

When it comes to Bail Bonds Atlanta residents typically want the process to move as swiftly as possible. The defendant is eager to be released and the family members are anxious to have this person back home. The person doesn't want to miss any work except for what is absolutely necessary and feels scared while being trapped behind bars. Once free, he or she can get started finding a defense lawyer to begin forming a plan.

Possible Resolution Strategies

Often, the case is resolved before trial with a plea bargain that the defense attorney negotiates with the prosecutor, and is then approved by a judge. This typically involves reduced charges for a lesser sentence than would be probable with a conviction in court. The case also can be ended by a judge with a dismissal or by the dropping of charges by the prosecution.

Appearing at All Scheduled Appointments

Appearing at all scheduled court sessions is crucial, even if the defendant is hoping for a resolution before trial. For example, a pre-trial hearing is scheduled, and the defendant must not miss this appointment after being released with the assistance of an agency like 24 - 7 Bail Bonds. Otherwise, bail may be revoked and the person arrested again and returned to jail.